The Mosquito Lodge™ Q100 is a mosquito trap which lures all kinds of mosquitoes by mimicking its resting, breeding and oviposition sites. It stops the mosquito reproduction and drastically reduces the mosquito populations. With the mere supply of daylight and water , the unique Q100 ensues a lifetime operation*.

The ultimate solution to eliminate mosquitoes

Mosquito Lodge™ Q100






Environmental friendly design to stop mosquito reproduction



• Weather-proof enclosure protects from rain, wind and sun
• Mobile and movable – weighing only 3 kg (without water)


• Mimics natural mosquito habitat by using natural materials
• Built-in Mosquito incubator attracts female and male mosquitoes
• Powered by solar energy and relies on water for lifetime operation*
• Self-contained system requires no maintenance



Robust design for outdoor use

Enjoy outdoor living and activities


• Works within a 200-meter diameter
• An absolute must-have for any garden, park, outdoor sports field

* Your machine may fail for reasons such as damage from product modifications, improper installation, accidentdisaster, misuse, abuse or hardware deterioration during normal use.


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